MIVV ミヴ DELTA RACE BLACK フルエキゾーストマフラー MT-07

MIVV ミヴ DELTA RACE BLACK フルエキゾーストマフラー MT-07:ウェビック 店


・dB(A):Item homologated in compliance with one of the following
directives:EC - Directive of the European Parliament and Council nr. 97/24/CE and next updates or ECE/ONU - Rule n° 92 and next updates
・CO2:It is necessary to fit the optional catalytic converter in order to make the exhaust system homologated in compliance to the European Directive 97/24 art. 5 and next updating. or to the regulation of the European Community (EU) no. 134/2014 (Euro 4)
Power: +4.70 HP
Torque: +4.40 Nm
Weight: -3.40 kg
・Max Power(HP):64.70
・Max Torque(Nm):60.60
【Mivv open】
・Max Power(HP):69.40
・Max Torque(Nm):65.00

MT-07 14-

Designed to improve the aestethics, sound and performance of the bike, Mivv slip-on exhausts are the result of maximum attention to design, with the aim of satisfying those who want to distinguish themselves by the look of their motorbikes.; The DELTA RACE exhaust features an exclusive shape that, through a gradual transformation, from conical becomes hexagonal. There are many details that make it unique, such as the 3K twill carbon cap; the perimeter bracket with double riveting, the specially machined inlet bushing to offer maximum coupling precision. This exhaust sports the characteristic Mivv logo created by laser technology.; It features a central body in black stainless steel with “Black Moon” effect, obtained thanks to a special ceramic-based painting process that gives the product a more aggressive look.
The range of MIVV exhausts is regulated according to internationally recognized approval laws. The buyer is fully responsible for verifying whether the product he/she intends to purchase complies with local laws. Mivv exhausts that are type approved for road use are marked with a type approval number and are provided with the relevant certificate of homologation.
Several U.S. states and the U.S. federal government have individual laws regulating the use of aftermarket exhaust parts and systems. especially as those parts and systems modify. remove. or replace original equipment catalysts. Please consult the appropriate laws in your area before installing any aftermarket part or system on your vehicle to ensure compliance with all applicable laws. Neither MIVV nor its distributors or the sellers of the parts or systems make any statement that any of their parts or systems comply with any such laws.
California laws prohibit the use of any aftermarket exhaust part or system that modifies. removes or replaces original equipment catalysts unless the California Air Resources Board has issued an Executive Order regarding such part or system or unless the part or system is exempted by being used only on racing vehicles on closed courses. Neither MIVV nor any of its distributors make any statement that any of their parts or systems has received such an Executive Order or that any of their parts or systems conform with the racing vehicles exemption. The purchasers are entirely responsible for informing themselves of applicable California laws and to comply with those laws.


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