CARE programme

CARE: Choices, Actions, Relationships, Emotions

CARE is a programme for women in prison with a history of violence and who have a range of support needs including around mental health, self-harm, substance misuse and relationship problems. 

WIP delivers CARE in HMP Foston Hall, but the programme is available to all women across the estate who meet the criteria. Women from other establishments will be required to transfer into HMP Foston Hall for the duration of the group. CARE is also run in HMP New Hall.

The programme addresses five areas:

  • Motivation and Engagement;
  • Awareness;
  • Emotion Management;
  • Coping Skills;
  • Social Inclusion and Resettlement.

CARE is designed for women who are at medium or high risk of violent re-conviction and who have two or more of the following needs:

  • History of substance misuse problems
  • History of self-harming or suicidal behaviours
  • Mental Health difficultires
  • Personality Disorder diagnosis
  • Past difficulties in accessing or benefiting from help or treatment

The course consists of 30 group sessions and nine one-to-one meetings. In brief the programme enables participants to develop insight into their risk and needs, develops a range of pro-social skills and enhances belief that change is possible. CARE also provides significant resettlement support education, training, employment, housing, finance, debt, family matter etc.

Following completion of the course all women will be given access for two years to a mentor from Women in Prison.

Read our case studies for more understanding of how WIP's support can help you.


Interested women in prison need to contact their offender supervisor.

Alternatively or for more information:

Freephone for women accessing our services: 0800 953 0125