Press Comment: Death in prison

PRESS COMMENT: Response to the death of baby born in HMP Bronzefield

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Dr Kate Paradine, CEO of the charity Women in Prison says 

“All mothers should have the right to give birth in dignity. But time and time again, we hear of situations where this isn’t happening, with mothers regularly being denied access to the vital health and maternity care necessary to give birth safely. This has devastating consequences not only for the baby and mother, but also for the rest of the family they are separated from.


Many mothers are imprisoned for being homeless, not having money to pay their bills and not having access to adequate mental health care and substance misuse support. Instead of sending these women to prison, the government needs to urgently prioritise investment in community support services like women’s centres, housing and health care. This is the only way to stop the unnecessary pain and suffering in our families and communities.”


Women in Prison are a national charity supporting women affected by the criminal justice system & campaigning to end the harm of prison to women, their families & our communities