The Longest Day: Letter 7

Women in Prison asked women across the prison estate and our women’s centres to share with us a diary entry on how they spent the 21st June 2017, Summer Solstice. Through these letters we hope a tapestry will emerge to open up the prison gates and give insight into the experiences of those affected by the criminal justice system.

Longest Day Ever
My mind is whirling,
Streaming so fast
We are locked up again,
And all I can think of is the past.

Will I stay,
Or will I go,
As my court day looms,
Who cares,
Who knows.

The call of the beach,
Sand between my toes,
This will not last 4ever though,
Although, pift,
It may seem so.

I am fixed now,
Being in here,
Fixed my head,
Fixed my heart,
My soul and much more.

Long may this continue,
You will hear me cry,
I will not be a junkie again,
Never. Ever.


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