The Longest Day: Letter 6

Women in Prison asked women across the prison estate and our women’s centres to share with us a diary entry on how they spent the 21st June 2017, Summer Solstice. Through these letters we hope a tapestry will emerge to open up the prison gates and give insight into the experiences of those affected by the criminal justice system.


Today I went out to open a bank account. I was driven to the bank by an officer. While on route to XX town we drove by lots of fields and farm, they was shining and it was lovely and hot, there was lots of cars on the road and it was nice to see real people and be out in the real world. When we arrived I got out of the car and saw a very fit sexy man, he had no top on and he made me feel very hot.

I went into the bank, they was friendly and very helpful. I was feeling very happy and accepted, it made me feel human again.

I liked the drive back, we listened to the music and I enjoyed the sun.


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