WIP's Manifesto

In the run up to the General Election 2015 Women in Prison released a Manifesto and asked General Election candidates and other supporters to pledge their commitment to a new approach for criminal justice; one with social justice at its heart.


In recognition that the criminal justice system is failing women the Manifesto calls for a fair, effective and cost-efficient criminal justice system that addresses the abuse, marginalisation and poverty at the root of so much of women’s offending.

The five pledges are:

  1. Alternatives to custodial sentencing: a statutory presumption against the use of short-term sentences and increased use of community sentencing
  2. Leadership: the appointment of a Ministerial lead for women in the Criminal Justice System targeting a reduction of the number of women in prison
  3. Women-specialist sector: a sustained level of gender-specific support services and expertise with ring-fenced funding as we move into the Transforming Rehabilitation agenda.
  4. No women should leave prison homeless: calling for women who are released from prison to be placed as ‘priority need’ of housing
  5. Prison estate reform: ensure that the recommendations made by the Women’s Custodial Estate Review are implemented and that vital gender-specific reform enables the effective resettlement of women in their communities

A huge thank you to everyone who supported our Manifesto which included over 130 General Election candidates and many others who recognise that short sentences wreck lives, and who share our belief in a fairer system.