Reclaim Holloway Campaign

This summer, HMP Holloway – the largest women’s prison in Western Europe and the only women’s prison in London – will close, with the land being sold for redevelopment.

Valued at £200 million, the 10 acres of land is set to become the site for upwards of 800 new homes – however, if we don’t take action, this land will be sold to a private developer, becoming expensive, luxury homes and not the genuinely affordable housing that Londoners so desperately need.

Join the campaign in demanding that this public land is retained for council housing; we own the prison site, it should be redeveloped into public housing.

The closing of HMP Holloway is an opportunity to protect and invest in our community by retaining some of the land for urgently needed community facilities and women’s support services, such as domestic violence and mental health. These areas which are in short supply and critically in need of support as they find themselves at the sharp end of austerity cuts.

Join us to RECLAIM HOLLOWAY and demand that the closure provides genuinely affordable housing and an investment in our community and women’s support services.

Get Involved!

There are three main ways that you can get involved in the campaign:

1. Sign and share our petition here

2. Lobby Your MP – templates can be found here.

3. Follow the campaign and lend your support via #ReclaimHolloway on Twitter.

For more information, visit our RECLAIM HOLLOWAY microsite and to read the stories of the women of Holloway, please visit Holloway Prison Stories